Saturday, June 07, 2014

Airports & Train Stations

This year's holiday, wonderful as it was had entirely too many airport and train station intervals if you ask me.
That's probably what happens when I plan my own trips, I suppose.

Kempagowda Airport: I forgot my flight ticket. Fortunately, they let me board with just my passport
Muscat Airport: I bump into my best friend and we hang while we wait for our flights
Paris CDG: Laura, my sister, arrives to pick me up, convinced that I'd get lost the metro ride from the airport to the apartment. :)

Paris CDG: Lufthansa is automating everything, right from getting your boarding pass, by simply scanning your passport, to checking in your luggage, by scanning your boarding pass. It's wonderful, although I can't but help think about the loss of jobs.
Munich Airport: I lied at the ticket counter saying I was traveling with a group when I wasn't (to get a cheaper ticket). As I feared, I got caught.
Munich station: Uneventful (Don't shop at the Hbh station. Shop at the airport supermarket instead, it's cheaper)
Paris metro: A man helps me with my heavy suitcase; two older gentlemen help me again when it gets stuck at the gate. I make it to the airport with no further incidences.
Muscat Airport: I bump into two friends heading back. We're on the same flight. We meet at the grubby section reserved for grubby Indians for grubby flights to India.
Kempagowda Airport: I worry that my suitcase is not on the carousel because I've been caught for not declaring all that cheese and that 1 tulip bulb that I brought back. What really happened was that I'd forgotten which suitcase I was carrying and was looking out for the wrong one.

This summary makes me fear for myself :/

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